Friday, March 16, 2018

Gospell GR-216 new application firmware released

A new application firmware has been released for Gospell GR-216 DRM receiver :

Gospell GR-216 Application firmware
release date: March 15, 2018
* improved EWF
* improved Journaline decoder
* faster DRM acquisition
* improved DRM logging, now includes doppler and delay data collecting
* redesigned DRM status info, now includes SNR/MER/BER and Service ID display
* bug fixes
Installation instructions:
* copy updpack.bin to root directory of USB thumb drive
* power off the receiver, insert the thumb drive to the USB port of the receiver
* power on the receiver, wait until the installation completes
* after installation, check menu and version for firmware version

Thursday, March 15, 2018

From the Isle of Music & Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, March 18-April 1

From the Isle of Music, March 18-April 7

I. March 18-24: No interviews, rather a Cuban concert hall program of modern concert and experimental music

II. March 25-31: Ruly Herrera Sr. leader of Los Dan, one of Cuba's most prominent Rock/Pop groups, is our special guest. We also listen to some current Cuban Rock.

III. April 1-7: Changüi and Folkloric Music. Our special guest is Changüi group Son del Guaso. We will listen to some of their music plus some other folkloric Cuban music.

Four opportunities to listen on shortwave:

1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere (including parts of East Asia and Oceania) with 100Kw, Sunday 1500-1600 UTC on SpaceLine, 9400 KHz, from Kostinbrod, Bulgaria (1800-1900 MSK)

2. For the Americas and parts of Europe, Tuesday 0000-0100 UTC on WBCQ, 7490 KHz from Monticello, ME, USA (Monday 8-9PM EST in the US). This has been audible in parts of Ireland, the UK, Central and Southern Europe with an excellent skip to Italy recently.

3 and 4. For Europe and sometimes beyond, Tuesday 1900-2000 UTC and Saturday 1200-1300 UTC on Channel 292, 6070 KHz from Rohrbach, Germany.  UTC stays the same after the time change.

Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, Sunday, March 18, March 25, April 1

I. March 18: Episode 54 of Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, Psychedelic Brasil, takes a look at some of our favorite psychedelic groups in Brasil during the 1970s.

II. March 25: Episode 55, Serbian Kolo Party, is, well, lots of great Serbian Kolos. Dance if you can.

III. April 1: Episode 56, Silly Music for a Very Silly Day, is music to make you laugh on April Fools' Day.

Sundays 2200-2230 UTC (6:00PM -6:30PM Eastern US) on WBCQ The Planet 7490 KHz shortwave from the US to the Americas and parts of Europe Note the UTC time change for A18, same local US time.

In recent weeks the signal has had a nice bounce to Spain, Italy and Switzerland as well as Iceland, Ireland and parts of the UK. Also audible in Brasil, Paraguay and points North.


Reach Beyond Australia A18

Efeective from March 25 to Oct 27, 2018

By Language

Download Link :

Program Schedule :

Download Link :

Reception reports to :

Radio Africa Network A18

Radio Africa Network A18

1400- 2100 UTC on 21525 kHz 

Reception reports to :

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A18 schedule for Voice of Hope stations :

Voice of Hope - Africa (Lusaka, Zambia)

0500-0800 Mon-Fri  9680, 11680 English to Africa
1600-1900 Mon-Fri  4965,   6065 English to Africa
1200-1700 Sat-Sun 9680, 13680 English to Africa
1700-1730 Sun       9680             English to Africa

Voice of Hope - Americas (KVOH, Los Angeles, USA)

1400-1900 Mon-Fri   17775 Spanish to Latin America
1900-2100 Tue, Thu 17775 Spanish to Latin America
1500-1900 Sat         17775 English to Caribbean, Southern U.S.

Voice of Hope - Middle East (Galilee, Israel)

0000-2400 Sun-Sat 1287 Arabic   to Middle East, EXCEPT
2000-2200 Fri          1287 English to Middle East

Reception reports to : 



Effective  March 25,2018 to Oct 27,2018
Freq  UTC  UTC Stop LanguageTarget Area  TX# Ant Azimuth
     Start Stop
6190  0200 0300 Spanish   S.America        2  1 250
9600  0200 0300 English   India            3  3 40
6190  0300 0400 Spanish   N.S.America      2  1 265
15515 0300 0400 English   India            3  3 40
11825 0400 0500 A.English Africa           2  1 295
17530 0400 0500 Chinese   Southern China   3  3 55
9570  1800 1900 Russian   E.Russia         2  3 355
17640 1800 1900 A.English Africa           3  2 310
9755  1900 2000 Russian   E.Russia         2  3 355
11965 1900 2000 Arabic    Central Mid.East 3  2 340
13710 2000 2100 Arabic    Central Mid.East 2  3 355
17640 2000 2100 A.English Africa           3  2 295
11610 2100 2200 Chinese   Europe           2  2 325
9490  2200 2300 Chinese   Southern China   3  3 55
11790 2200 2300 Arabic    N.Africa         2  2 325

Reports to :,

(Alokesh Gupta)

Monday, March 12, 2018

South Sudan suspends UN radio station 'Radio Miraya'

Associated Press


South Sudan has suspended a United Nations radio station for allegedly refusing to comply with the country's media laws, although the station has not yet been taken off the air.

On Friday, the Media Authority, an independent body charged with regulating journalistic practices in the country, said it was shutting down Radio Miraya for "persistent non-compliance."

Radio Thailand marks its 88th anniversary

On Sunday, February 25th, Thailand's national radio broadcaster held an event to commemorate the country's 'Father of Thai Radio'.

More at :

Kuwait- Information Min. opens updating shortwave transmitters' project at Kabd

Kuwait- Information Min. opens updating shortwave transmitters' project at Kabd
(MENAFN - Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)) KUWAIT, March 8 (KUNA) -- Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri on Thursday opened a project updating shortwave transmitters from analogue to digital radio mondiale (DRM) broadcasting systems, at Kabd radio station.

This is a new achievement for the ministry to be added to a series of vital projects that aim to keep pace with the rapid technical progress around the globe, Al-Jabri told KUNA and the Kuwait TV.

Kabd station, through the new DRM system, will allow "Kuwait's voice" to reach the entire Middle East region, Europe and Asia, he noted.

Kuwaitis have planned and supervised the project, the minister said, noting that updating the infrastructure of radio stations aims to cope with latest digital broadcasting development, the minister said.

Al-Jabri praised officials, and all the personnel at the ministry's Engineering Affairs Sector, for their hard sincere efforts. (end) ss.kah.msa

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Myanmar’s first community radio station is on the air !

Community media in Myanmar took a giant leap last month with the launch of Khayae FM, Myanmar's first community radio station, the first to take advantage of the new broadcasting law passed on August 28, 2015 which supports the development of community media in Myanmar.

Based at the Village Development Committee (VDC) Headquarters in Atwin They Phyu village, Khayae FM covers the southern half of Htan Tabin township, reaching over 80,000 people.  Broadcasting on 104.8 MHz, the station offers a mixture of news, talk shows, music and a platform for local people to share their concerns through regular phone-in shows.

Khayae FM is run entirely by volunteers, who fulfil every role from collecting news to presenting shows live on air, to recording radio dramas addressing local issues. The team are guided by two station managers who are also members of the local VDC.  One station manager, U Hla Naing, said "I'm proud to be a part of this. We really hope to deliver the right message to the Htan Tabin public on the economy and education as much as we can. I'm grateful to all those who helped to make this dream come true."

Funding for the project came from DW Akademie – a German media development organisation, who also provided radio production training and worked with the MRTV to help get Khayae FM on the air.  "The launch of Khayae FM is a huge step forward for Myanmar's media", said Thomas Baerthlein, DW Akademie's project manager. "Private media outlets have boomed since the political opening after 2010 but most are restricted to the main urban areas. In the countryside, where the majority of the population still lives, citizens have had very few opportunities to receive and share information that is relevant to them. Community radios that cover local matters useful for people's everyday lives such as health and agriculture can fill this gap."

MRTV also provided technical support, installing a 15m tower and putting up the antennas.  The station equipment was supplied and installed by RadioActive, a UK-based company dedicated to supporting community radio stations around the world.  RadioActive also sent two engineers to train up the station team to use the studio equipment for radio production and live broadcasting.  RadioActive Director Max Graef said "Khayae FM is our 75th community radio project.  Community radio can have a massive impact, especially considering the low start-up and running costs. It is exciting to see the first station launch here in Myanmar and we hope many other townships in the country will have their own station in the not too distant future."

Anyone interested in doing so can contact Max Graef from RadioActive  For more information on Khayae FM, please contact Thomas Bärthlein at

(Press Release)

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Radio Spaceshuttle's 5 - 9th March 2018 week 10 on SW 9290 and/or 9270 kHz

We shall have quite active week on 31 mb- sw-band this week. So we are expected to be testing on 9290 kHz mostly (alternative frequency 9270 kHz) between 06-14 hours UTC, not on air whole time only short tests during these hours. So put your rx to follow us these times.

Playing happy oldtimers with different genres of best music.

Wish to have a longer tx perhaps on wednesday 7th March starting around 1030 UTC.

Reports welcome to our e-mail addresses. Special e-mailed QSL's will be sent already during testweek.

Best regards,

Radio Spaceshuttle
P.O.Box 2702
NL-6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

WBCQ The Planet Announces New Shortwave Radio Station

Plymouth Meeting, PA: WBCQ The Planet announced today that it is building one of the most powerful and versatile radio stations in the world. WBCQ's new shortwave radio station, now under construction in Monticello, Maine, features a new 500 kilowatt transmitter from Continental Electronics and a state-of-the-art antenna system from Ampegon Antenna of Switzerland.

The new station, funded by private investors, will be able to direct a powerful shortwave signal to any country on Earth. Our new facility is planned to be a showcase for the radio world and is dedicated to our free speech mission.

The new station is planned to commence operations in fall 2018.

About WBCQ

The Planet: WBCQ is an international shortwave broadcast station since 1998. Located in Monticello, Maine, USA and broadcasts on 7490, 9330, 5130  and 3265 kHz.

(Press Release)

Related :

Ampegon to Install Shortwave Array Antenna

Thursday, March 01, 2018

BBC Bengali to drop two half hour shortwave transmissions at morning & evening

With effect from 1st April, 2018 BBC Bengali will drop its two half hour shortwave transmissions at morning, 0030 UTC (Prabhati) and late evening, 1630 UTC (Parikrama) .

"We have noticed that the radio audience of Bangladesh is gradually decreasing and most people have become dependent on television to hear or to know about the news," said Sabir Mustafa, editor, BBC News Bangla on the decision. Today 81 percent of the people in Bangladesh watch television and only 15 percent listen to the radio. "

"On the other hand, young people are going through digital media and online to meet their news and entertainment needs. In this context, we decided to reduce the radio show and will further increase our performance on television and online. "

"At the same time, we think it is very important to keep the news program on the radio in the morning, the popularity of the night is not very much, and we expect the demand for this morning's show will increase further", said Sabir Mustafa.

Mr. Mustafa says, "Now our activities through online and social will grow very much. Facebook and YouTube will be able to give more videos and more analytical articles will be published on our website. At the same time, the kind of stories that people can be good at reading or getting inspiration, the news will be given more. "

Sabir Mustafa said that although two radio programs were closed, BBC News Bangla is now going to become more diverse media.

Revised shortwave schedule BBC Bengali B17

UTC         FREQ  DAYS     SITE    PWR AZI 
0130 0200  9560   smtwtfs KRANJI       250 330
0130 0200  11995 smtwtfs KRANJI        250 320
1330 1400  5875   smtwtfs TASHKENT 100 131
1330 1400  9510   smtwtfs KRANJI       250 330
1330 1400  11750 smtwtfs A SEELA     250 60

To be cancelled from 1st April 2018 :

0030 0100 7465  smtwtfs KRANJI   250 340
0030 0100 9560  smtwtfs KRANJI   250 330
0030 0100 11700 smtwtfs KRANJI   250 320
1630 1700 5845  smtwtfs KRANJI   250 340
1630 1700 7485  smtwtfs KRANJI   250 340
1630 1700 9540  smtwtfs KRANJI   250 330  

(Alokesh Gupta, with inputs from  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cuba Celebrates 60 Years of Che Guevara's Radio Rebelde

Radio Rebelde, the voice of the Cuban Revolution, began as a clandestine pirate radio station nestled in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the eastern part of the island.

It was 60 years ago today that the now-famous Cuban radio station founded by iconic guerrilla leader Che Guevara finally crackled into life over the Caribbeanairwaves.

Founded by Ernesto 'Che' Guevara at Altos de Conrado, the station's on-air signature became a screeching howl of "Aqui, Radio Rebelde!"

Its February 24, 1958 maiden broadcast, which lasted 20 minutes, came at a time when almost all of Cuba's media was controlled by loathed dictator Fulgencio Batista.

The broadcast began with the rebels' anthem, followed by a report on the battle of Pino del Agua and other news from Che's guerrillas.

Read more at :

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ian McFarland CD Library Freebie

Ian McFarland - Former CBC Broadcaster and host-writer of Radio Canada International's English Language Service has worked with me over the years to create a small library of wonderful MP3 Podcasts and radio shows - a lot of stuff from the vaults.

We present some of this material here. And it is FREE until February 23rd at 2300 UTC !

An international broadcast consultant, Ian has worked for the CBC in London office, Radio Canada International as well as a 2 year stint with NHK in Tokyo.

Photo Right - Legends of DX! (2 out of 3!) Shawn Axelrod on the left, Ian McFarland in the centre and yours truly (Colin Newell) on the right in Duncan, British Columbia - April 2017

He is also one of the busiest retired people I  know - holding down slots at a local "Food bank" - supporting the disadvantaged - as well as being active on a day care center in the community.

Ian McFarland lives on Vancouver Island with his wife Mary and they are enjoying a fairly busy retirement indeed!

Ian's current online projects include a trio of 2-CD sets (now in MP3 format) of classic Interval Signals, a language recognition course featuring the late Dr. Richard E. Wood... and some "greatest hits" packages from his long and illustrious career with the CBC Foreign Service -

(Colin Newell - Editor and creator of and - VA7WWV   | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada, Feb 22, via Glen Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST , WOR list)