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Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu Chairs Consultative Committee Meeting of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Minister for Information & Broadcasting, today chaired the meeting of Consultative Committee of I&B Ministry to discuss the roadmap for developing Community Radio in the country. Minister of State for I&B Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore was also present in the meeting.

In his opening remarks, Shri Naidu apprised the Members of the Committee about the various steps and initiatives being taken by the Ministry to promote community radio movement in the country. He mentioned that Ministry has recently enhanced the subsidy amount for setting up of Community Radio Stations from 50 % to 90% in the North Eastern States & 75% in other States, subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 7.5 lakhs with a view to promote community radio tool as an effective medium of communication.

Explaining the significance of Community Radio as a communication medium, Shri Naidu said that it was a useful tool to cater to the information needs of the people in local language/dialect. CR Stations broadcast programmes on various issues which were of immediate relevance to the community and facilitate development by disseminating information regarding education, rural development, agriculture, health, nutrition environmental, social welfare, Panchayati Raj issues and cultural needs. Community Radios (CR) have potential to bring a very significant positive social change at the community level. It also works as a powerful means for rural empowerment, upliftment of dalits and women.

Members of the Committee while appreciating the efforts of the Ministry in developing community radio provided valuable suggestions in enhancing the reach and generating awareness about this medium of communication. They also mentioned the need to fast track and streamline the the clearances process for setting up of CRS in the country.

A presentation was made by Additional Secretary on behalf of the Ministry giving an overview of the Community Radio sector in the country. Members of the committee were apprised about the achievements and initiatives of Ministry in facilitating the growth of Community Radio in the country.

Parliamentarians Shri Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Shri Vivek Gupta, Smt. Dev (Moon Moon Sen) Varma, Shri Harivansh, Shri Madhusudan Mistry, Shri Prabhat Jha and Shri Neeraj Shekhar attended the meeting. Secretary I&B, Shri Ajay Mittal and senior officers of the Ministry were also present on the occasion.


Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
29-March-2017 13:29 IST

AIR Launching DRM Conversion, Phase II

AIR completed phase I of the national DRM digital radio roll-out in India

AIR is now in the process of launching phase-II of the DRM project by offering full features and services from these DRM transmitters and further improving service quality.

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Digital: Buzz Word or Empty Slogan?

By Ruxandra Obreja

Nowadays though, we are told that "digital" is not just technology, or even a medium or platform but the very marketplace dominating our lives. If you happen to still be in analog or traditional media and not in the digital bazaar, you are doomed and you must abandon "the increasingly compromised," tried and tested FM or AM —just take a look at the shortwave switch off announced by ABC in Australia, which may raise at least some eyebrows.


All India Radio A17

A17 Changes to All India Radio External Services

5990(A) 0100-0200 Sindhi (Add)

6145(Kh) 0015-0430 Urdu (Add)

9810(A) 1215-1245 Telugu (ex B)

9950(Kh) 1215-1315 Burmese (ex B)

11620(B) 1515-1600 Gujarati (Delete)

11620(Kh) 1615-1715 Russian ( ex 9595 B)

11670(A) 1115-1200 Thai (Delete)

13720(B) 1330-1500 English (ex 13710)

15770(P) 1000-1100 English (Add)

17715(B) 0315-0415 Hindi, 0415-0430 Gujarati, 0430-0530 Hindi (Delete)

There are no DRM transmissions temporarily on SW.

For latest updated schedules please check in the links given below:

External Service Time Wise:

External Service Language Wise:

Complete A-17 SW service in Frequency order :

(Jose Jacob, NIAR, Hyderabad, India)

Sunday, March 26, 2017



Time UTC Language       Days   Freq(kHz)
1115-1145 Bahasa        123456  11905
1145-1200 Bahasa        12 4 67 11905
1315-1330 Bangla              7 15340
1345–1400 Bangla           45   15320
1400-1415 Bangla         2      15340
1415-1445 Bangla         2      15340
1415-1430 Bangla         2      15320
1315-1330 Bhojpuri        3     15340
1415-1430 Bhojpuri        3     15340
1115-1145 Burmese        2      9685
1130-1145 Burmese         3 5   9685
1215-1245 Burmese            6  9685
1115-1145 Chin Falam       4  7 9685
1215-1245 Chin Falam      3     9685
1130-1145 Chin Hakha         6  9685
1230-1245 Chin Hakha     2      9685
1400-1415 Chhattisgarhi 1     7 15320
1300-1315 Dzongkha        6     15340
1115-1130 English       1 3 56  9685
1130-1145 English       1       9685
1145-1200 English         3 5   11905
1200-1215 English        2      9685
1300-1430 English       1234567 9720
1430-1445 English       1 3 5   15340
1445-1500 English        23456  15320
1400-1415 Gujarati           6  15340
1415-1430 Gujarati           6  15320
1415-1445 Gujarati           6  15340
1415  1445 Gujarati     1       15320
1300-1330 Hindi         1234567 15320
1330-1400 Hindi         1       15320
1330-1400 Hindi         1234567 15340
1400-1415 Hindi         1  45   15340
1415-1430 Hindi            4  7 15320
1415-1445 Hindi             4 7 15340
2230-2300 Japanese      1     7 17760
1100-1130 Japanese      1     7 15400
1115-1145 Javanese            7 11905
1430-1445 Kannada        23456  15320
1315-1330 Kurux            4    15340
1400-1415 Kurux            4    15320
1400-1415 Malayalam      2      15320
1315-1330 Marathi            6  15340
1400–1415 Marathi            6  15320
1415-1430 Marathi           5   15340
1400-1415 Marwari         3     15340
1415-1430 Marwari         3     15320
1145-1215 Matu             4    9685
1215-1245 Matu              5   9685
1400-1415 Meitei            5   15320
1215-1245 Nagamese      1  4  7 9685
1300-1315 Nepali        1 3 5   15340
1300–1330 Nepali         2      15340
1230-1300 Oriya               7 15340
1300-1315 Oriya               7 15340
1300-1315 Punjabi          4    15340
1315-1330 Punjabi       1   5   15340
1415-1430 Punjabi       1       15340
1145–1215 Rawang        123 56  9685
1330-1345 Tamil          23456  15320
1330-1400 Tamil               7 15320
1345-1400 Tamil          23  6  15320
1445-1500 Tamil         1       15320
1400-1415 Telegu          3     15320
1415-1430 Telegu            5   15320
1445-1500 Telegu              7 15320
1100-1115 Tibetan        2      15575
1230-1300 Urdu          123456  15340
1400-1415 Urdu                7 15340
1430-1445 Urdu                7 15320
1100-1115 Vietnamese      3  6  15575
1100-1130 Vietnamese        5   15575

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KTWR Spring/Summer Schedule Effective March 26 2017 

Language    UTC       Days     Freq/MB  Program

Cantonese   1400-1430 Mon-Fri  9975/31  Thru the Bible 
Mandarin    1015-1100 Mon-Fri  13710/22 Popcorn, Thru the Bible
Mandarin    1015-1100 Saturday 13710/22 Popcorn, Hope for Today,Macedonian Call
Mandarin    1030-1100 Mon-Fri  12120/25 Thru the Bible
Mandarin    1145-1200 Saturday 11695/25 The Word Today
Mandarin    1130-1200 Sunday   9910/31  The Lord's Challenge,Macedonian Call
Mandarin    1100-1230 Mon-Fri  9910/31  Self Confrontation, DTA
Mongolian   1100-1115 Mon-Sun  12120/25 Son-Lift
Cantonese   1115-1130 Mon-Sun  12120/25 Son-Lift
Hakka       1130-1145 Mon-Sun  12120/25 Son-Lift
Mandarin    1145-1200 Mon-Fri  12120/25 Son-Lift
Mandarin    1145-1200 Mon-Fri  11695/25 Son-Lift
Mandarin    1130-1145 Mon-Fri  11695/25 God Remembers Them
Mandarin    1315-1430 Sunday   9975/31  Women of Hope, A Walk with Angels
Mandarin    1330-1430 Saturday 9975/31  Shepard the Lamb, A Walk with Angels
Mandarin    1345-1430 Mon-Fri  9975/31  Our Time
Cantonese   1315-1345 Mon-Fri  9975/31  Thru the Bible
Mandarin    1415-1430 Mon-Fri  9975/31  A Walk with Angels, A Word with You
Nosu Yi     1200-1215 Mon-Sun  11580/25 Good News for the Yi
English     1345-1415 Sunday   9975/31  Unlimited Grace 

Korean      1345-1500 Mon-Fri  7510/41  Your Quest for God,Bible reading,TWR Seminary(LTS-Thu,WOH-Friday)
Korean      1345-1515 Saturday 7510/41  Teachers Institute, Bible School Basics,Truth in a Test Tube & Pray school
Korean      1345-1515 Sunday   7510/41  Sunday Service, The Gospel Train, Bible School Basics
English     1315-1345 Saturday 7510/41  Unlimited Grace 

Japanese    1215-1245 Sunday   9900/41B Japan - Friendship Radio

South East Asia 
English     1100-1105 Monday   11965/25 Reachng Your World
English     1115-1125 Tues-Fri 11965/25 Reachng Your World
English     1215-1240 Mon-Fri  9900/31 Running to Win
English     1100-1115 Tues-Fri 11965/25 Grace Notes-Tue,SFT-Wed,BFL-Thur,HFT-Fri, RYW,Running to Win
English     1030-1100 Sunday   11965/25 Heart of Harvest
English     1100-1130 Sunday   11965/25 Unlimited Grace

South Pacific 
English     1000-1015 Saturday 11995/25 Bread of Life
English     1000-1025 Mon-Fri  11995/25 Running to Win, Reaching Your World
English     1015-1045 Saturday 11995/25 Unlimited Grace

Madurese    1000-1030 Mon-Fri  11965/25 Thru the Bible
Sundanese   1030-1100 Mon-Fri  11965/25 Thru the Bible 
English     1000-1030 Sunday   11965/25 Unlimited Grace
Indonesian  1030-1100 Sunday   11965/25 Women of Hope

Burmese     1200-1230 Mon-Fri  12040/25 Thru the Bible 
Burmese     1200-1230 Saturday 12040/25 Macedonian Call, The Word Today
Burmese     1200-1245 Sunday   12040/25 Woman of Hope, Lifeword 
S'gaw Karen 1230-1300 Mon-Fri  12040/25 Thru the Bible
S'gaw Karen 1245-1300 Sunday   12040/25 The Word Today
S'gaw Karen 1230-1300 Saturday 12040/25 Women of Hope

Vietnamese  1245-1315 Mon-Fri  11580/25 Thru the Bible
Vietnamese  1245-1315 Saturday 11580/25 Women of Hope
Vietnamese  1245-1315 Sunday   11580/25 The Word Today, Truth in a Test Tube

South Asia
Kok Borok   1230-1300 Mon-Fri  11695/25 Thru the Bible
Kok Borok   1245-1300 Sunday   11695/25 Discipleship Hour
Dzongkha    1230-1245 Sat-Sun  11580/25 Words of Hope
Santhali    1215-1230 Sat-Sun  11580/25 Voice of Salvation, SED
Hindi       1400-1415 Saturday 11695/25 Women of Hope
Hindi       1315-1330 Sunday   11585/25 Hindi Worship Music
Hindi       1315-1345 Mon-Fri  11585/25 Turning Point
Assamese    1200-1230 Mon-Fri  11695/25 Thru the Bible
Manapuri    1315-1330 Saturday 11585/25 The Word Today
Telugu      1315-1330 Sunday   11695/25 Gospel Tide
Hindi       1330-1345 Sunday   11585/25 SGM
Nepali      1330-1345 Saturday 11585/25 Jiwan Ko Roti
Kashmiri    1345-1400 Sat-Sun  11585/25 Words of Hope
Dogri       1345-1400 Mon-Fri  11585/25 Words of Hope
Garhwali    1400-1415 Mon-Fri  11585/25 Words of Hope
Hindi       1400-1430 Sat-Sun  11585/25 Words of Hope
Hindi       1414-1435 Mon-Fri  11585/25 Words of Hope, A Walk With You
English     1430-1500 Mon-Sat  9975/31  Your Story,RYW- Mon-Fri,TLC-Mon,SFT-Tue,BFL-Wed,Grace Notes-Thur,SFT-Fri,WWL,Inside Out-Sat
English     1230-1300 Saturday 11695/25 Heart of Harvest

DTA = Discipleship Training on the Air
TLC = The Lords Challenge
RYW = Reaching Your World
SFT = Search for Truth
BFL = Bread of Life
HFT = Hope for Tomorrow
WWL = Wonderful Words of Life
LTS = Lets talk about something
WOH = Women of Hope

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China Radio International A17 schedule effective 26th March,2017


Alyx & Yeyi A17 (Summer 2017)

PROGRAM                      TIME (UTC)FREQ(kHz)DAYS (mtwtfss)LANG TARGET AREA

Denge Kurdistan              0230-2030 11600 mtwtfss Kurdish Middle East
Eye Radio                    0400-0500 11730 mtwtfss Arabic     Africa
Suab Xaa Moo Zoo             1130-1200 11570 mtwtfss Hmong      Asia
Que Me                       1200-1230 9930  ----f-- Vietnamese Asia
Living Water Ministry Broad. 1500-1600 9650  -twt--- Korean     Asia
Eye Radio                    1600-1900 17730 mtwtfss Arabic     Africa
Radio Xoriyo                 1600-1630 17870 m---f-- Somali     Africa
Radio Voice of Ind Oromia    1600-1630 17850 ------s Oromo      Africa
Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa   1630-1700 17840 -t-tf-- Oromo      Africa
Suab Xaa Moo Zoo             2230-2300 7530  mtwtfss Hmong      Asia

Reception reports to :

Alyx & Yeyi,
LLC - 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor
Miami, FL 33126 - U.S.A.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Radio Free Asia A17
Broadcast Frequency Schedule
26 March through 28 October 2017

0030-0130 UTC 12115 15700 17785
1230-1330 UTC 7530 11805 13820
1330-1400 UTC 7530 11805 12140
1400-1430 UTC 7530 11805

1400-1500 FNP

1230-1330 UTC 12140
2230-2330 UTC 13740

1500-1700 UTC 1188 5830 7455 11850
1700-1800 UTC 1188 9975 11985
1800-1900 UTC 1188 9975 11830
2100-2200 UTC 7460 9700 11945

0000-0100 UTC 15690
1100-1200 UTC 15195

0300-0400 UTC 13790 15665 17520 17665
0400-0500 UTC 13790 15615 17520 21505
0500-0600 UTC 13790 15615 17520 21690
0600-0700 UTC 13790 15615 17520 17810
1500-1600 UTC 9455 13675 15430
1600-1700 UTC 9910 11610 13570 13675
1700-1800 UTC 9355 9965
1800-1900 UTC 9355 9965 11560
1900-2000 UTC 1098 9355 9745
2000-2100 UTC 1098 6080 9355 9745
2100-2200 UTC 1098 7435 9685
2300-2400 UTC 9535 11785 15570

0100-0200 UTC 9370 9680 11705 17730 + 1 FNP
0200-0300 UTC 9370 11705 11745 17730 + 1 FNP
0600-0700 UTC 15720 21540 21690 + 1 FNP
1000-1100 UTC 13800 15330 + 1 FNP
1100-1200 UTC 7470 13830 15265 + 1 FNP
1200-1300 UTC 7470 11540 13830 15265 + 1 FNP
1300-1400 UTC 7470 11540 13830 15275 + 1 FNP
1500-1600 UTC 9355 11870 + 1 FNP
2200-2300 UTC 7505 9370 + 1 FNP
2300-2400 UTC 6075 9555 9875

0100-0200 UTC 9350 9780 11640 11945 15580
1600-1700 UTC 9355 9555 15720 17890

1400-1430 UTC 1503 9950 11850
1430-1500 UTC 9950 11850

All times and dates are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Frequencies are in kiloHertz (kHz). 1 MegaHertz (MHz) is equal to 1000 kHz. Conversion to meter bands: Meters=300000/frequency in kHz. e.g.: 17705 kHz --> 16.9 meters

FNP = Frequency Not Promoted

Reception reports accepted by email at and by mail to:

Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW,
Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
United States of America

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Serive Hindi transmission back on air

Sri Lanka broadcastng service's hindi transmission was noted back on air wef 21st March' 2017.

Tentative schedule due to maintainance :

21st March to 25th March 2017 - 0645 - 0800 IST (0115 - 0230 UTC) on 11905 kHz
26th March to 15th April 2017 - 0730 - 0800 IST (0200 - 0230 UTC) on 11905 kHz
After 15th April 2017 back at 0645 - 0800 IST (0115 - 0230 UTC) on 11905 kHz

There's no change in internet broadcast.

Impact is at the core of Voice of America's past, present and future

by Jeff Trimble, IBB Deputy Director

Voice of America Director Amanda Bennett stole the show mid-way through the March 16 meeting of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (ACPD) on Capitol Hill. Bennett, who was on a panel to discuss "The Past, Present, and Future of Voice of America" .

More at :

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Speaking of Radio…

By Paul Thurst, on March 14th, 2017

I was talking to a friend from Russia about history, my job and various other things that are going on in my life. I received this reply, which I thought was interesting on a number of levels:

I find that perspective interesting.  We take for granted our ability to listen to information and listen to different points of view, even those we don't agree with.  There are still trouble spots in the world and some people are not as fortunate.  It is very easy to block internet traffic and there are several countries that currently block access to some or all of the internet, for the safety of their citizens, no doubt.  Ideas are dangerous.

Read more at :

BBC World Service rolls out new Spring schedule

The new schedule will bring our global audience a richer mix of programmes and digital content to keep them up to speed with the key stories of the day and satisfy their interest in a broad array of topics.Mary Hockaday, Controller, BBC World Service English

BBC World Service's new Spring schedule rolls out from the end of March, continuing to reflect the funding boost received last year with strengthened original journalism, a fresh approach to arts programming and the launch of a new season of programmes exploring a varied collection of human stories.

New culture series In the Studio will give unique access to the world's leading creative people in the process of making their art and work a reality. BBC OS will bring together Outside Source and World Have Your Say into a new extended two-hour programme, and The Newsroom will increase its coverage of key stories, with up to six broadcasts a day.

Launching in April is Life Stories - a new season exploring fascinating stories about who we are and how we live. BBC World Service is also rolling out a new product launch with BBC Minute On… - additional 60-second programmes which will explore a single subject in greater detail and be available to partner stations around the world.

Mary Hockaday, Controller of BBC World Service English, says: "This spring we'll be rolling out an enriched schedule with strengthened news programmes, a brand new culture series shedding light on how the world's leading creative people work, think and develop, and a new season of programmes delving into a diverse range of intriguing human stories. Making the most of the funding boost we received last year, the new schedule will bring our global audience a richer mix of programmes and digital content to keep them up to speed with the key stories of the day and satisfy their interest in a broad array of topics."

In the Studio will take listeners into the working lives of leading and emerging artists from across the globe. Each week the series will follow painters, designers, musicians, dancers, directors and creatives of all types as they make their work. The series launches with Chinese artist, activist and architect Ai Weiwei, who will take Tim Marlow (Artistic Director of the Royal Academy) on a tour of his Berlin studio, revealing Ai Weiwei's creative process and the details that continue to inspire and drive his work. Subsequent episodes will go on set with rock-star cinematographer Christopher Doyle as he directs a movie in Hong Kong; and meet Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz, who creates images photographed from helicopters and microscopes. The series will continue throughout the year, spending time with actors, game designers, artistic directors and many more.

BBC OS will bring together the best of Outside Source and World Have Your Say, building on both programmes' strengths and including new elements that give a vibrant account of the day's events with explanation and reaction from those involved. Showcasing the best of the BBC's global resources, the two hour programme will be broadcast every weekday at the new time of 1500-1700 GMT, opening it up to peak audiences in Europe, Africa and America. Nuala McGovern, who has presented Outside Source since 2015, will anchor the programme across the two hours from the middle of the BBC newsroom in London.

The Newsroom - From 1 May, The Newsroom - where the BBC's worldwide network of correspondents report on the stories of the day - will enhance its coverage with up to six editions across the day, seven days a week. The Newsroom will be able to adapt rapidly to breaking stories and events whenever they happen.

Life Stories - April will see the launch of Life Stories – a new season of content across BBC World Service, BBC World News and digital platforms exploring a diverse range of stories - from celebrating the birthday of one of the oldest women in Africa to uncovering differing attitudes to death, companionship and rites of passage around the world. Celebrating Life at 117 (TV and radio) follows a trainee journalist as she travels to Kenya to celebrate the 117th birthday of her great grandmother who is thought to be the oldest woman in Africa.  #GrannyWisdom will see some of the world's top social media stars find out what their grandmothers think about their online lives and the issues they deal with in the digital world; this content will be shared online and on BBC World Service radio. Living With The Dead (TV and radio) will look at an Indonesian community who live with the bodies of their loved ones, while Dying To Talk (radio) will visit the Death Cafes popping up worldwide encouraging people to talk about grief and fear of death. A Stranger's Ear (radio) will head to Japan where a man has set up a network of temporary friends – people who lend a sympathetic ear to a stranger in need. Four Days (TV and radio) will look at the impact of the practice in Nepal of confining women away from the family during their period. Last year a 15 year-old girl died, suffocated by a fire she lit in the hut where she was staying during menstruation. The season will also see BBC World Service and Wellcome Collection join forces to host a series of events and broadcasts exploring humankind's relationship with animals in The Evidence: Humans And Animals (radio). Over five programmes, presenters Claudia Hammond and Tim Cockerill will be joined by a panel of experts in front of a live audience to discuss topics including human and animal interaction, intelligence and consciousness.

BBC Minute On... - BBC World Service is also launching new BBC Minute products with BBC Minute On… - new 60 second features that will focus on a single subject. From 3 April, in addition to the existing BBC Minute which provides a dynamic roundup of the latest news updated every half hour, there will now also be two additional BBC Minute products each day which elaborate on the key talking point of the day or explore a topic - from tech and money to fitness and science - in more detail. BBC Minute is aimed at younger audiences around the world, and is available to partner stations who broadcast them on their own stations, bringing the BBC's impartial journalism to new listeners across the globe.

(Press Release)

HCJB Radio marks 85th anniversary with a new book

If an anniversary ceremony for Radio Station HCJB in Ecuador failed to squeeze the story into a capsule, it wasn't for lack of trying. The Ecuador radio station's rich history was told on Dec. 1 in Quito with the event's emcees recounting the background of the media outlet, telling about its dedicated staff and explaining the influence of the station's impact on society.

A book titled HCJB 85 Años Pasión por el Servicio (HCJB 85 Years Passion for Service) was also released on the ocassion.

Full story and pictures at :

Digital Radio Mondiale to hold this year’s General Assembly in Switzerland

Under the banner "Digital Radio Mondiale Delivers", the 2017 General Assembly of the DRM Consortium is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of May near Zurich, Switzerland being hosted by Ampegon AG.

As usual, the two-day event will start with the exclusive General Assembly meeting for members only on Wednesday, May 10th in the morning. At lunchtime the Consortium will open its doors widely to all those interested in DRM and digital radio. The Open DRM event will run through until lunchtime on Wednesday 11th. Special VIP guests have been invited to attend the Open sessions of the GA where they will have an opportunity to review and receive updates from country representatives and specialists on an outstanding year of progress for DRM.

For Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, this is a moment to take stock "and review the excellent progress made by DRM in India and other key countries like Pakistan, South Africa, Indonesia and many more as well as the interest shown in some African countries, Brazil, Russia and other countries in Asia-Pacific. The fact that there are already ingenious standalone and car receivers featuring DRM gives confidence in DRM and the ultimate success of digital radio all over the world."

(Press Release)